You’re running how far?!

PHEW! It is HOT!

I feel like English people, no matter where in the country we’re from, have a compulsion to start every conversation from June to August by commenting on the heat, or lack there of, of the Great British Summertime.

What’s new with me? Apart from it being 30 degrees centigrade out and slightly too muggy for my liking, I’ve just signed up for a half marathon. That’s right: 13.1 miles. Oh, and I have only 13 weeks to train (two of which I will be on holiday in France for), so yeah, call me crazy.

Why am I doing this? A few of you will remember a while back, my stepbrother, my mother and I planned to do the Brighton half marathon to raise money for the Epilepsy Society. About a month before the marathon my meds changed and I was too ill to train so my dreams of aching legs and blisters got put on hold indefinitely.

Cue yesterday when my stepbrother asked if I’d like to do a half marathon you know just for fun‘. (Disclaimer: I don’t think the words half marathon and just for fun belong in the same sentence) yet in a crazy moment of what I can only call pure insanity I replied ‘Chichester have a half marathon in October’. Fifteen minutes later, my stepbrother, boyfriend and I were signed up to the Chi half as (drumroll please) Team Twinkletoes.

We’re running, as it turns out, not just for fun but for the charity that puts effort into organising the event every year, Children on the Edge. Children on the Edge work to provide protection, education and support in trauma recovery for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh and internally displaced children in in Kachin State, Burma. If you’re interested in their work head to for more information.

So 13 weeks and counting! And to prove that we’re serious here’s pre and post run photos of me (with crazy hair) and the boyfriend after our first run today:


No run photos from the stepbrother as he isn’t on the same training programme as us… looks like I need to step up my game if I’m gonna beat the boyfriend!


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